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December Decluttering: Toy Donations

By the end of the year, most playrooms have gotten pretty full. These toys and knick knacks (while fun) accumulate and create clutter, making it difficult for kids to find what they want to play with and for parents to maintain an organized space.

An effective and meaningful way to declutter a playroom is by donating toys to local charities. Not only does this help create a more streamlined play area, but it also benefits those in need within your community - especially during the holiday season!

See our "kid's room cleanse" guide below...

1. Assess and Sort Toys

Begin by assessing the toys in the playroom. Separate them into different categories based on their condition, age-appropriateness, and play value: Has that action figure been played with in the past 3 months? The past 3 YEARS? If not, we'd put it in the "donate" pile. Consider donating toys that are in good condition, have served their purpose, or are no longer of interest to your child. It's essential to ensure that the toys you donate are clean, complete, and safe for use.

2. Involve Your Child

Before diving into the decluttering process, involve your child in the decision-making. Discuss the importance of sharing and helping others, and explain how donating toys can bring happiness to children who may not have as many toys. Encourage your child to actively participate in selecting the toys they are willing to let go of. This involvement will empower them and prevent any future "Where's My...?!" meltdowns.

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3. Research Local Charities

Research local charities that accept toy donations. Look for organizations that specifically focus on children's needs or those that support families in need. Reach out to these charities to understand their donation requirements, such as whether they accept gently used toys, specific types of toys, or certain age ranges. Some charities may have specific guidelines or restrictions, so it's important to be informed beforehand.

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4. Clean and Prepare the Toys

Before donating the toys, give them a thorough cleaning. Wipe down surfaces, sanitize if necessary, and remove any batteries. Ensure that all parts and accessories are intact and securely attached. Consider organizing small toys or puzzle pieces in labeled ziplock bags to keep them organized and prevent loss during the donation process.

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5. Pack & Deliver Your Donation

As you prepare the toys for donation, pack them securely in boxes or bags. Label the boxes or bags with the contents, age range, and any special instructions if applicable. This labeling will help the charity efficiently distribute the toys to the appropriate recipients.

Once the toys are packed and labeled, contact the chosen charity to arrange the donation drop-off (some charities may have specific drop-off locations or scheduled pick-up services).

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6. Maintain an Organized Playroom

After donating the toys, take the opportunity to reorganize the playroom. You've come this far! Create designated spaces for different types of toys and consider implementing storage solutions such as bins, shelves, or toy organizers. Encourage your child to regularly declutter their toys and donate them to those in need. This ongoing practice will not only keep the playroom organized but also reinforce the value of giving back to the community.

Remember, a decluttered playroom leads to a clutter-free mind, and the act of giving is a reward in itself!

Happy donating :)


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